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  • What is Bazin Riche?
    Our bazin riche is made from 100% high quality cotton in a width of 160cm and is available in a variety of different weaves. The fabric has bright and varied patterns and is comfortable to wear, breathable and perfectly adapted to the needs of the African climate.
  • What are the features of Your Bazin Riche?
    Our Bazin Riche products have a unique design style that draws inspiration from Chinese culture, incorporating elements such as ancient coins, chessboards and Chinese knots. We have also developed unique jacquard fabrics for you that showcase the passion and freedom of African culture. You will find the delicate and varied pattern designs on our fabrics full of artistry and unique style.
  • How is the quality of Bazin Riche fabrics?
    Through vertically integrated production lines, precise dyeing and finishing processes, and careful packaging, we ensure that each roll of fabric has exceptional stability, vibrant colours and delicate patterns. At the same time, sophisticated manufacturing processes and systems ensure that goods are delivered on time.
  • How do you ensure timely delivery of goods?
    We take the timely delivery of our customers' needs very seriously. We have a factory dedicated to the production of bazin riche, with optimised production schedules and efficient packaging and logistics processes to ensure that Bazin Riche fabrics are delivered to our customers in an efficient manner. We focus on time control and coordination at every step of the process to ensure that our customers receive the fabrics they need on time. We will always strive to provide an efficient and timely delivery service to meet our customers' needs.
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